I hope your day today in quarantine/self isolation is going well. I’ve been getting a few messages asking me about how my experience with the feelCBD drops is going so far so I thought this might be a good time to give you guys an update.

So I’ve been using the Calm Drops from feelCBD and Jason has been using the Sleep Drops from them. Both in the 300 mg strength and taken via dropper under the tongue.

I find for myself the Calm Drops do take the edge off on the day to day so I am able to take them in the morning and feel just like myself but calmer. I feel I’m able to rationalize a little bit better. For example, if my kids are being a little too much I don’t react aggressively or angrily too quickly. I have that moment to think before I react. For those of you that know me you know that I run hot. Jason also refers to me as “Tiger Mom”. I categorize myself as just a no bullshit kind of person. And I guess that carries through into my parenting as well.

To put this into perspective, after I had Charlie I found myself being easily irritated by Mila. Just simple things like getting ready for school in the morning: taking too long to eat breakfast, not putting her jacket or shoes on fast enough, getting late to drop her off at preschool etc. To be honest in retrospect she was just being a kid but me having an eight week old baby strapped to me and trying to figure out how to be the mom of two while my oldest is now starting a M-F preschool, it was all a bit overwhelming especially because I was doing it on my own. [Jason went back to work after a few days, we don’t live with my parents or in-laws and we never had a night nurse or nanny].

I am not shy about speaking openly, especially to my husband, about mental health and what might make my life easier and my children’s life better. So that very day I had a conversation with Jason in regards to what he thought about me trying something to help with my anxiety and stress. My husband has always been a very loving, liberal and open person so of course his reaction was “absolutely, whatever you need”. So I started researching and found feelCBD.

I think this product is perfect for someone who is overall well put together but maybe has the tendency to carry a lot of stress: A new mom that’s feeling the pressures of taking care of a tiny human being; A university student that needs to relax but doesn’t want the “high”; An individual in a demanding career that wants to decompress after a long day. So many people could benefit from this addition. Not to mention CBD comes in roller form, the Relief Stick, and is amazing for muscle and joint pain as well.

The one thing you should know is there is a trial and error period at first. You have to figure out your dosage. Just like with any medication, vitamin or supplement you have to figure out what dosage suits you best. It is not one-size-fits-all. So what I found with the Calm Drops is that if I took too much I would feel sleepy during the day. Instead I’d take less during the day, just to take the edge off, and then actually be able to use the same drops in the evening but a little bit of a higher dosage to be able to get a good nights sleep.

And from what Jason’s told me and from what I witnessed with him he seems to definitely be getting a better nights sleep. He says that he wakes up feeling rested and I’ve noticed that he is not struggling for a comfortable position to sleep in as much. He gets to his relaxed sleep state quicker than he normally does. It’s interesting to note that the Sleep Drops say to take them about one hour prior to you actually going to bed. So best to take them before you change into PJs, brush your teeth, do your skin care routine etc. to let them start working and make their way into your system. That way by the time you are ready to get in bed it is already working.

All in all so far everything has been positive and I would definitely recommend trying this if you don’t want to go the route of prescription medication. And I will list here again the misconceptions about CBD because that’s important to note and you need to know these points in order to make a informed decision on whether this would be right for you or your family member.

Common Misconceptions about CBD:

  • CBD makes you feel “high” – The most common misconception! THC is the ingredient that give you the “high” feeling where as CBD is derived from the same plant but does not contain THC or enough THC to give you the “high” sensation.
  • CBD has to be smoked – CBD can be smoked if that is your preference but it also comes in oil form that can be put into food or drink or under your tongue. You can also eat edibles that contain CBD or use a roll on for aches & pains.
  • CBD is only for sick people – Although CBD has been used to treat some severe medical conditions, it is not ONLY for those people. CBD can be used to treat stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders and more.
  • CBD takes a long time to work – CBD taken in coffee or a smoothie will take approximately 30 mins to start working where as sublingually, under the tongue, it will be quicker.
  • CBD is illegal – CBD is legal in Canada. CBD is only legal in about 10 of the 50 United States so check if you are living in one of them before you purchase.

If you have any further questions feel free to comment below or send me a private message and we can chat.

Stay well!

** This post consists of all my own thoughts & opinions.**

** This post is in collaboration and sponsored by feelCBD **