I received a lot of questions about my outfit for my cousins pre-engagement party so I thought I’d give you all the 411.

I’ve said this before– indian attire can get very pricey. And when I say pricey I mean in the hundreds and sometimes even thousands. It’s wild! Being a Mom now I can’t always justify spending that much on one outfit so I needed to find an alternative. Especially because most Indian weddings last 5-7 days and you are wearing a different outfit each day, it becomes a bit much.

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more sequin, embellished and embroidered items available from western retailers at much lower prices than the Indian shops. So instead of buying a matching set from a Indian retailer I’ve been purchasing an embellished top or bottom and then matching simple items to create a more affordable option.

For example, my outfit for my cousins party was a 3 year old sequin dress from TopShop I had bought for a NYE event; no more than $100. Then I paired it with $15 lycra tights and a $20 simple net scarf both from a local fabric store [For the Vancouverites it was Kapra Mandi in Payal Business Centre]. My jewelry was from a local Indian jewelry shop [Manny’s Boutique] that I’ve worn a million times before because it is gold with clear gems and matches any outfit it is paired with. Then I finished the outfit off with a pair of chunky clear strap heels from DSW which were $35 on sale and Voila!

Just like a western wardrobe, it’s best to get staple pieces that are versatile to start, like my heels and jewelry. Best to spend a little more on items that you will get a lot of use out of. Then second is taking the time to do a little online research for one piece that you absolutely love and is your statement piece, like my dress, that has a bit of Indian flare. And finally finding a few matching items to complete the ensemble that don’t have to break the bank, like the scarf and tights.

I have also paired a $10 Forever 21 plain black crop top with a $50 floral floor length maxi dress– that entire outfit including accessories was $75! Now that is a number I can get on board with!

And of course the best part for me is– you are most likely going to be wearing something so unique there’s no chance of another person wearing the same item. As most of you may know, when a trend gets going most people hop on board so why not be the one that stands out in the crowd?

Time to think outside the box and save where we can yet still look good and feel good 🙂

If this is right up your alley I’d suggest having a look at Forever21, H&M, ASOS & TopShop online. I will be sure to post links to a few options in my next post.

Happy shopping!

k a r e n xx