I had such an amazing time watching my oldest little munchkin at her very first Sports Day today! #BlueTeam I remember how much I looked forward to the outdoor games with my friends in elementary school.. And seeing my Mom there cheering me on.. Such a special time!

As an adult you sometimes forget how much these little moments mean to your children— so it’s good to be reminded that just showing up and supporting them is all they want.. Just that little bit of individual attention— a thumbs up from across the field.. a “good job!’ when they finish a race.. or the ‘shake-it-off’ dance if they have a little tumble.. They are so innocent that it doesn’t take much to light up their day..

So give your little one an extra hug for no reason, read them an extra book at bedtime or 5 more minutes at the playground.. They may not remember exactly what happened but they’ll remember the feeling of you being there.. #ForeverMyBabyYoullBe