Happy Sunday-Funday! It’s extra fun because tomorrow’s still a holiday! Yippee!

I’m enjoying this sunny afternoon with my girls and doing some much needed Spring cleaning and de cluttering. I have a level of OCD so things being clean and organized makes me VERY happy. Although I know it’ll only last a few minutes before the kids jump on my newly made bed or dump out a basket of toys.. #momlife

I am definitely a sentimental person though so it’s hard to let certain things go, like my big girls hospital beanie or her 1st birthday outfit.. [They grow up WAY too fast.. Cliche but true…]

So I’m going to tuck a few things away and use them to reminisce about the time when she actually listened to me and I didn’t have to bribe her with snacks and TV.. What would Mom’s do without goldfish crackers and Peppa Pig?

Anyway, make sure to enjoy the little ones in your life.. They are truly only little for so long.. ♥️⠀