This is new for me. I tried writing in a journal when I was a kid but it never went anywhere. More so because I felt that if I was honest in my entries— which is the point— someone might come across them one day and be upset about what I wrote. I denied myself the outlet because I was afraid of what someone else was going to feel about my feelings. Sounds crazy but true.

I’ve decided now that this may be a good idea because I don’t have thoughts that are secret; rather I have thoughts that most people feel they can’t talk about. And I’m not referring to politics or religion type topics but more in the direction of unpopular opinions. So why not openly share my thoughts and if even one person reading feels seen then I’ve done my job.

A sense of community, family, companionship— is something I feel everyone is entitled to. Drowning in your own thoughts can be an incredibly isolating feeling. So let’s chat about all the things we normally don’t, here.

Welcome to my open journal.