Bath time in our house is a very special time. Both the girls absolutely love the water! Whether it’s bath time or swimming at the pool, once they are in the water it’s very difficult to get them out, lol. So because of this we’ve made sure we have everything to make their time [and ours] enjoyable. Here are my favourite bath time items.

1. Bath Tub: I had bought this tub for my older daughter and it worked well. Then I decided to change it to another tub that was fancier [and of course all the rage on social media] with my 2nd daughter only to end up going back to this one. So in my experience, a infant tub does not need to be anything special just as long as it’s comfortable and safe for baby. This one is simple, budget-friendly and grows with baby. All positives in my book.

2. Washcloths: We use A LOT of washcloths in our house. Rather than always reaching for tissues and wipes that we end up throwing out I keep these in close proximity instead. Different ones for different things: on our shoulder as a burp cloth, wiping spit up or drool, wiping faces when eating, wiping runny noses, for on the go in the diaper bag and for bath time. Because we are using them so often and therefore having to wash them quite often I thought why not buy those that get better with every wash. If you haven’t heard already, muslin fabric gets softer with each wash. For the girls I bought muslin swaddle blankets and wash cloths. Mila will be 5 in May and we are still using the same cloths I originally bought for her and they are still in great shape. Durability and soft on babies skin = I’ll take it!

3. Cream: This brand has a moisturizing “lotion” and “cream” and the consistency is the biggest difference between the two products; the lotion is thinner while the cream is thick. As I’ve previously mentioned my girls both suffered from different degrees of eczema when under 1 year old so I looked for products with the least amount of chemicals while being soothing to their sensitive skin. This cream was recommended time and time again. I went for the cream version as its thick consistency helped combat the dry, flakey eczema prone skin by moisturizing it without causing further irritation. The girls still use this cream everyday and Jason & I have also taking a liking to it as well.

4. Towel: I was gifted a few different types of towels when I had Mila and what it came down too was which ones absorbed the most water the fastest and kept her the warmest. I found that, first, hooded towels are a must because with little ones being so wiggly the hood keeps the towel in place. And secondly, the larger the flaps on the towel the quicker you can wrap them up and dry them off. So these are our go to at the moment.

** Side note: I have heard so many things about these micro fibre towels but have yet to order them and try them out. Not sure if they come in a hooded version for babies but they are supposed to roll up very small so they are great for travel and they also are supposed to absorb water and dry quickly. I will research and report back 🙂

5. Milk Bath: We started off using the very popular, Johnson’s baby products because I was gifted 2 sets and, to be honest, that’s what my parents used on me so I thought why not. But then a few articles came out around that time regarding certain cancer causing ingredients in Johnson’s products. As a worried first time mom I tried to do as much research as I could on this claim and because I couldn’t be sure whether it was true or not I erred on the side of caution and switched to something more on the natural end of things. This coconut & oat milk bath has been so amazing! It has been so gentle on the girls skin. Charlie also had cradle cap in the first few months which this did not further irritate or contribute to. It is put straight into the bath water and act as a body wash and shampoo in one!

6. Bath Toys: Something I did not think about when initially purchasing toys for the bath was that mold is a real issue. Any bath toy that has a hole in it [usually squeeze toys that squirt out water] will eventually produce black mold on the inside and have to be thrown out. I learned this the hard way. I had registered for cute bath toys on my baby registry and Mila had the pleasure of playing with them for a while. After every bath I would do my due diligence and squeeze out any extra water that was left behind inside any of her toys. Then one day as I was doing this black mold shot out of a toy into the bath tub. I was horrified. I immediately threw out all of the squeeze toys. After that experience I have only purchased bath toys that I know I can clean, inside and out. I regularly put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand with hot, soapy water. So these toys I have linked here, here, here, here and here you are able to wash thoughroughly and they are still fun for the littles!

And that’s all folks! Of course there are many more items you can purchase to make bath time fun but these are the ones that are a necessity. My big girl now has very long and very curly hair so I’ll be sure to do a post on how I tame her hair for my fellow mama’s and papa’s struggling with wild curls.

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I’ll be continuing this series with Baby Health Essentials so keep checking in!

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