It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself so I figured why not start with getting to know me!

I’m Karen. I’m 33 years old. I work full time as a pediatric dental hygienist and blogging is a hobby turned side hustle for me. I ideally would love to be home more with my girls and if something I love can make that happen I’d be elated.

I met my now husband when I was 18 turning 19. So, not to make you do math, we’ve known each other almost 15 years! Praactically half our lives. And we’ve been married for 7.5 of those 15 years. Like any relationship we’ve had our ups and downs but what we’ve come to realize is our downs have only made our relationship stronger and the ups even more precious. Our marriage is not perfect. We have to work on it every day. We try to make each other a priority and when one of us is slipping the other will kindly remind what our end goal is. To be happy in life together *

We are polar opposites. He is the outgoing, fun loving, party-like-a-rockstar type. I am the serious, stubborn, introvert that likes order in every situation. We are the quintessential opposites attract story. He makes me more fun and I bring him down to earth. The ying to my yang, as I like to say.

We are blessed with 2 daughters, Mila Paris and Charlie Summer. We had Mila 3 years after we got married and like any first time parents we were scared and nervous to be responsible for a living human being whilst still feeling like kids ourselves. That quickly changed once she got here. Kids will do that to you. I never believed in this “mom strength” or knew what “motherly love” really meant until I had Mila. I honestly took one look at her and thought “I could move mountains for this little person”. But little did I know she would have the personality of a giant and move mountains all on her own. She is a force to be reckoned with. Just like I always wanted, LOL.

Then there is Charlie. Oh my sweet, Charlie Bear. We had Charlie 3 years after having Mila. Jason and I had the discussion about whether or not we wanted to just keep it at one child vs taking the leap to two. As you can imagine at almost 3 years old Mila was getting to a very independent stage: no bottles, no diapers, sleeping 12-14 hours, eating on her own, potty trained. starting preschool.. We had to think “Why mess with a good thing? We are coasting. And having just one– we could easily give her everything she’d ever want”. But ultimately the decision came down to the fact that my dear husband is an only child and when he lost his Dad at the tender age of 17 he felt it would have been nice to have a siblings to share in the grief, sorrow, rebuilding and help support him and his Mom when they needed it so desperately.

We didn’t want to think morbidly but realistically– if something, god forbid, was to happen to either of us who would Mila have to lean on? Yes, there are cousins and extended family. I understand people have relationships with extended family that are sometimes closer than their own immediate family and that is wonderful. But why wouldn’t we just give her one playmate, one more little person to be her shoulder and vice versa. So there in came the decision to have a second. 3 years and 3 months after we were blessed with Mila, we met Charlie.

We had Charlie with the intention of giving Mila a partner in crime. What we didn’t anticipate was how much joy she was going to bring us as well! Of course we knew we’d love our child but we couldn’t imagine loving anyone as much as we loved Mila– we were pleasantly surprised. Charlie is such a happy baby. Always smiling, laughing, dancing– a true light in our lives. There is a quote that says something along the lines of ‘you filled a part of my heart I never knew was empty’ and that is a perfect representation of how I feel about Baby C. Her little face makes my heart so full.

For those of you asking if we are planning to have another baby– that is a 50/50 at the moment. Jason and I both go back and forth on whether we should try or shouldn’t. He is an only child and I am one of two siblings [I have a younger brother] so a third would be something we’ve both never considered. Let’s just say, for now, it’s not off the table. Only time will tell 🙂

Ok, so not to continue to ramble on, I will end this entry here. I could go on forever so if there is anything you’d specifically like to know about me that I didn’t touch on please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer your questions as best I can.

k a r e n xx