Excuse my absence for the past few days as I was spending quality time with these 3 cuties and planning a big fiesta first birthday!

As much as I was tempted to carry around my phone and capture each moment of the festivities, I also wanted to be present and be in the moment rather than watching it through the screen of my phone. So I decided on the latter— I left my phone in the house.. Enjoyed the theme park that was our backyard, the blazing hot sun, our lovely guests and our beautiful baby girl on her first birthday.

Even though social media plays such a huge part in our daily lives, sometimes it’s nice to unplug and just enjoy your surroundings— and this is coming from someone who wants to be a successful blogger so you know it’s from the heart. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole once you’ve got a device in your hand so try to limit your screen time. And I totally agree that having a memory of a wonderful time is also important. There is nothing wrong with taking a few photos with friends just try to practice moderation rather then having your phone glued to your palm for 4 hours.

You can always come back to the photos, videos and posts but what’s happening right now you may not want to miss… Like drinking that fancy margarita you paid $15 for before it turns into a warm lime & tequila puddle while you try to get the best lighting 🍹🍹🍹 Am I right? 😉