It’s official— my #BabyBear is One Year Old today!! *Cue the crocodile tears*

In all honesty after having M we weren’t sure if we wanted to have another. We were content with one child that was growing, thriving and becoming more and more independent with each day. We thought “why mess with a good thing?”. But after some thought we decided our only child needed a companion, a best friend for life, a partner in crime. God forbid something was to happen to us one day— they would have each other to love and support. Morbid but realistic..

Now I will be the first to admit, as much as we said we’d be having a second child to primarily better M’s life, Baby C has stolen our hearts.. Deciding to have a second was the greatest decision we ever made. She has not only given M a best friend— she’s given us so much joy it’s palpable.

Little one— You are the world’s sweetest baby.. You make our hearts happy with every giggle.. Spending this last year with you was nothing less than amazing.. Thank-you for choosing us.. We could not be more grateful for you.. ♥️

“You are the dream I never knew I had.. Then I met you and it was like we’d been meant to be together forever..”