Saying these two are the loves of my life would be cliche but also true! They are and that’s putting it mildly..

Children change you.. In a good way.. They teach you things you never knew about yourself..

– How to really love unconditionally⠀⠀⠀
– How to control your feelings and not let your emotions take over
– How to give selflessly and feel good about it
– How to let go of negativity and push through
– How to be an example and not let your dreams pass you by
– How to shower in 5 minutes flat [Lol]

But seriously, they are a gift. And as much as we are teaching them, they are teaching us. Their innocent little minds are untainted and full of possibilities. We have to try to nurture that wonder while also keeping them humble. Easy to say, hard to do.

Let’s do our best as parents and caregivers to raise decent little humans that love, respect, include, support and persevere. One day they’ll be the ones making all the decisions. Let’s hope they’re good ones for everyone. ✌🏼

[But I’m saving up for an all girls boarding school— just in case}