This is my baby the day we told her she was going to be a big sister! Her face immediately lit up with excitement and then a few seconds later the confusion set in– “What do you mean ‘new baby’? What about me? Will the baby take my toys? …… …… …… Can I have ice cream!?” Oh man.. She is a character

And now, what feels like out of no where, her school year is coming to a close.. I can’t believe she just finished her first year of preschool! It seems like it was just yesterday I was doing the 3 week gradual entry process with her and by day 2 she was happily waving goodbye to me at the door. That to me meant she felt safe and what more could a new parent ask for.

She also learned so much more than I expected. Coming home each day with a new sound or number written on her hand to practice to where now she’s sounding out words in her bedtime stories and writing all of our names. Pretty good for a 4 year old, I think. And that of course is because of the wonderful teachers she was lucky to have.

Thank-you Ms. Kelly & Ms. Katy for a wonderful year.. And @AbsorbentMinds Montessori for giving our little girl a safe place to learn and grow. Looking forward to next year!

But for now— bring on the sunshine, beaches and popsicles! #WeLoveSummer !!