This is us.

Him laughing his infamous laugh and me looking at him asking ‘what are you laughing at?!’ Lol.

He is the ying to my yang, the optimist to my [extreme] pessimist, the extrovert to my introvert, the fun-loving to my overly serious. We are the quintessential ‘opposites attract’ pairing. We could not be more different. But our differences are what make our relationship work. If I didn’t have him to lighten the mood I’d be incredibly stressed all the time. And if he didn’t have me to set some boundaries and be the voice of reason he’d still be in his rented 1 bedroom condo sitting on a lawn chair.. #TrueStory

And now he’s helping me parent our daughters.. The most important job of all and I couldn’t do it without him.. I am, as he lovingly likes to call me, #TigerMom— the disciplinarian in our house and he is #SuperDad— always full of surprise visits to the pool and fizzy drinks at Cactus Club.. And our good cop/bad cop routine works! No one kisses the “owies” or wipes away the tears better than Daddy.. They just adore him.. Definitely #DaddysGirls

He was meant to be the Dad to daughters. And meant to be my other half. To say we love you would be an understatement.

Happy Father’s Day Babe.