This picture seems like it was taken just yesterday yet this little munchkins 4th birthday party is this weekend! How? It’s scary that they grow in what seems like a blink of an eye.. #growingupwaytoofast

My girls are strong willed little women.. And I’m happy about that.. Yes, it’s hard for my husband and I sometimes but I don’t want my girls to be pushovers either.. Polite and respectful— yes. Submissive and hesitant— no. Strong wills and firm opinions make for well put together successful women..

My daughter attends Montessori and the philosophy seems to include not calling certain behaviours, particularly in girls, “bossy”.. That bossiness is actually now seen as a leadership quality.. I sure hope so.. Whether those leadership qualities come in handy when she’s leading a Fortune 500 company or a gang in prison remains to be seen.. #millionairemindset or #gangstersparadise ?? Only time will tell..